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Crica New York Business Cardby Colonia

Poster: Dear World. João Castro / Royal Studio. 2014


VHS Infinity Mirror
Dom Sebastian, Artist, London.
'VHS Infinity Mirror', explores the ways in which real life and internet realms merge. In an age where the world can be accessed via the internet, this piece questions whether real life interactions are being phased out - the extinction of reality in favour of technology. The piece depicts the portal-like qualities of the internet and technology; the notion that when you log on you are being transported into a new world. 
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With black coats and cold feets we bow out this semi-cleansing summer with our very special Sova Podcast #6 – The Sova Summer Tape. 
Enjoy the weekend with a wealth of magical records spinned by our killing music editor Susi. 
Podcast & Photo by Susi

Filippo Baraccani

Weltformat 2014 Call for Entries poster:"Lust/Desire"
"I was asked to do the call for entries poster for the Weltformat 2014 poster contest. The subject was "Desire" (german: "Lust")"

GIFGA#2 is almost out! More info soon
Meanwhile, thank to all these people: Adam Maida, Anna Kövecses, Anne Emond, Bänziger Hug, Bureau Mirko Borsche, Château Fort Fort, Christopher Nosenzo, Denis Carrier, Eleanor Davis, Ella Cohen, Erik Carter, Førtifem, Grace Danico, Hardy Seiler, Hisashi Okawa, Hugues Pzzl, Ian Stevenson, Jackkrit Anantakul, James Chong, James Heimer, Jarrik Muller, Jean Jullien, Jesse Fillingham, João Fazenda, John J. Custer, Jon Bland, Jon Burgerman, Jordan Butcher, Jordy Van Den Nieuwendijk, Josh Holinaty, Julio Dolbeth, Kasper-Florio, Lee Wilson, Leo Karhunen, Leta Sobierajski, Lord Mantraste, Manuel Donada, Margarida Borges, Mark Bohle, Marta Niedbal, Matt Chase, Mike Perry, Mikey Burton, Nevada Hill, Nicole Jacek, Pat Bradbury, Pedro Mendes, Ricardo Martins, Robin Van Wijk, Sabine Dowek, Sac Magique, Samuli Saarinen, Shawn Hasto, Skip Hursh, Steven Weinberg, Studio Set, Tim Lahan, Tom Clohosy Cole, Will Bryant, Philipp Dornbierer,Zipeng Zhu, Zoran PungerĨar